Airbnb Bans Indoor Cameras, Schools Targeted by Ransomware, Roku Accounts Hacked!

In today’s episode of The Daily Threat:

Airbnb takes a stand against indoor security cameras amidst rising privacy concerns. Learn more: [https://www.theverge.com/2024/3/11/24097107/airbnb-indoor-security-camera-ban] #Airbnb #Privacy #SecurityCameras

Schools face a growing threat from ransomware attacks, jeopardizing student data and disrupting learning. Find out more: [https://www.npr.org/2024/03/11/1236995412/cybersecurity-hackers-schools-ransomware] #Ransomware #Cybersecurity #Education

Over 15,000 Roku accounts hacked and sold on the dark web, highlighting the risks of credential stuffing attacks. Details here: [https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/over-15-000-hacked-roku-accounts-sold-for-50-each-to-buy-hardware/] #Roku #AccountSecurity #HackedAccounts

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